Mr BurkeAs mentioned in the newsletter, the Interim Executive Board (IEB) and Local Authority felt that a Parent Champion should be established who would continue to support the communication between the school and parents/carers, and vice versa, in particular those parents who are less confident in approaching the school. Last term we obviously had a good deal of communication and dialogue with a number of parents. Therefore, given our experience in identifying key people, it was felt that Mr Terry Burke BSc Hons (pictured right) would be an ideal parent to liaise and communicate with Mr Bridden, myself and members of IEB. Mr Burke has two children attending Blacklow Brow and is a successful Project Director along with running a coaching programme in the community.   The remit of a Parent Champion includes meeting the IEB to share with them both his and your opinions regarding the work being carried out by the IEB to raise standards and performance.   He will also assist it ensuring that parents and carers are kept informed of key information and developments. Mr Burke is contactable on T. 07432120959.

Best regards, Mr Brian Rigby MBE (Chair of the IEB)