An Interim Executive Board is now in place and they meet approximately every four weeks.
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Details of the remit of the group are as follows:  Remit of the Group

Message from the Chair..

Brian Rigby1st April 2016


Dear Parent/Carer,

I’m taking this opportunity to give assurance that since the Ofsted Report published in October 2015 which caused parents great concern, the members of the Interim Executive Board (IEB) who were appointed in January this year, have been working with the cooperation from Officers from the Local Authority, to ensure that all areas that were identified by the Ofsted Inspector as requiring improvement at the school, are being fully and enthusiastically addressed.

I can assure parent/carers that the IEB members have discussed the many issues at length with Mr Bridden the school’s interim Leader in Charge, as well as with members of staff and I can confirm that in our opinion strategies and measures are well in place and that there is firm evidence that real progress is being made.

As we all move forward into a new term and to give parents a voice at the IEB, “A Parent Champion” will be announced in order to give parents a personal contact should they wish to raise issues or have any concerns they feel need voicing.   However, I must stress that should any parent wish to discuss any matter whatsoever with me personally (confidence is guaranteed), I am always eager to make myself available – appointments can be made through the clerk to the IEB Mrs Ruth Warburton Tel: 0161 973 1197 (Ex 2203) or email

Yours sincerely,

Brian Dean Rigby MBE,
Chair of The Interim Executive Board