Blacklow Brow prides itself on the sports provision afforded to pupils. We take the teaching and learning of PE very seriously and have already identified how we can use the new funding from the Government to add to our teaching of PE. The government have commited £450,000,000 to help improve PE and sports provision throughout the UK since 2013 and this funding is to be used to improve the qality and breadth of PE in schools. Schools may determine how best to spend this funding to promote healthy lifestyles, improve teacher continual professional development, participation, understanding and appreciation of competition, improve pupils’ atheletic and team game performance.

For the current academic year, we have been allocated £12,277 to make improevements to PE provision in the school

With this money we intend to:

  1. Paying for professional development opportunities in PE/ school sport
  2. Investing in quality assured professional development modules or materials for PE/school sport
  3. Hiring specialist PE teachers or qualified sports coaches to work alongside primary teachers when teaching PE in order to promote the longevity of excellent PE provision
  4. Running sport competitions, or increasing participation in competitive school games throughout our cluster and in the wider community eg: promoting competitive football and athletics events in addition to adding cricket, netball and chess to our acumen
  5. Providing places for pupils on after‐school sport clubs and residentials
  6. To provide taster sessions for sports that would not normally take place in school
  7. To create an orienteering course to enhance the delivery of the PE curriculum
  8. To conduct research into the impact that our PE provision has had for pupils joining extra-curricular clubs
  9. To fund further opportunities to take part in competitive sports with external providers
  10. To purchase additional resources to enhance the provision and teaching of PE