At Blacklow Brow Primary School, we place the greatest of importance on rewarding effort and giving recognition to pupils who have made achievements whether they be academic, social, emotional, physical or community based. We have a rewards system that allows children to accrue ‘housepoints’ for a variety of positive behaviours. Each week, our School Council members collect house point scores and tally these. The winning house for the week is announced in our assembly.

We have 4 House Teams at Blacklow Brow starting in Year 1 through to Year 6.


We are pleased to announce our House Team names chosen by the children.

House team





House points may be rewarded for being a good friend, showing good manners, trying hard with your work and many more things.

The House Team with the most house points at the end of each term has a reward which could be a special film afternoon.

In addition, teachers are asked to nominate a weekly ‘Star of the Week’ from their class. This award is celebrated in a weekly assembly and each ‘Star’ is given an award that recognises their efforts.

Good luck with collecting points each day.


Further reward and awards are given in each class. Some classes enjoy a period of ‘Golden Time’ at the end of each week whereas others are awarded raffle tickets that allow them to take part in a weekly prize raffle.

We encourage all teachers to maintain their own system of awards in addition to the school awards as we have a firm belief in Positive Reinforcement and Restorative Practice.