The school day begins at 08.30 for all children in Reception – Year Six (Nursery times differ, please see below) and doors are opened from 08.25 onwards. The classroom doors will remain unlocked until 08.31. If your child arrives at school after this time, it is important that they sign in at the main office (preferably with parental accompaniment). It is legal requirement to ensure that all children in the school are registered each morning and afternoon. Further specific information for the school is detailed below:

Morning Nursery

The morning Nursery session begins at 08.15 and ends at 11.15

Afternoon Nursery

The afternoon Nursery session begins at 12.00 and ends at 15.00 (subject to change)


Start: 08.30

Lunch: 11.55 – 12.50

End of School Day: 14.30


Start: 08.30

Lunch: 11.55 – 12.40

End of School Day: 14.30

We appreciate that many parents may have other work and familial commitments and may, on occasion, occasionally be delayed when collecting their children. Please contact the school to inform us of any delays you may incur in order to help us make provision for your child and reduce their chances of distress.