As part of our commitment to providing additional extra-curricular education, we encourage as many children as possible to attend the variety of extra curricular clubs we run. In the past, these have ranged from football, to fitness, to art. We do however, like to keep our ideas and provision fresh so this year we aim to provide:

  • Our longest, most established and most consistently attended, Blacklow School Choir
  • Booster Sessions for Y6 Pupils
  • Gifted and Talented Sessions
  • Art Club
  • World War One Memorial Club
  • Cricket Club
  • Football Training
  • Cross Country Training
  • Bootcamp (for teachers too!)
  • School of Rock
  • Reading Club
  • Debate Club

Full details of clubs that are taking place in autumn term 2016, are listed below:









This list is not exhaustive and as the year progresses and pupils express their interest, we hope to add more!

If you are interested in any of the clubs, please ask your child’s class teacher and they will try and provide you with the information you need.