World Book Day 2016

It was lovely to see so many parents, carers and grandparents brave the weather to attend our World Book Day sessions last week. Everybody had the opportunity to take part in a range of tasks from reading a book together to designing an imaginary world! The learning experience created was full of discussion, wonder and pride as the children enjoyed showing their families what they could do. The children also enjoyed taking control of the sessions and guiding their families through activities on Ipads and task cards. Adults and children commented on how much they had enjoyed working together to celebrate the love of reading. Comment’s from parents/carers included:

It was a fun interactive session, which let the children and adults imagination run wild. The activities were fun and varied”.

“It was really good to see the children work both together and by themselves, engaging with language and challenging themselves, each other and us!”

“We really enjoyed spending time in the Hall for World Book Day. Great idea and was interesting listening to stories what the children had wrote … word search was a great challenge…”

“I enjoyed spending time with Eliza and she loved teaching me about sentences. Subordinate clause, personification I really enjoyed learning it’s a long time since I went to school! “

“Lovely to see the children engaged and enjoying their reading. It’s a great idea to come into school and share the experience”.

We cannot wait to welcome you to another learning experience very soon.                                                                                        Mrs Ferrigan